Monday, 13 June 2011

Give me a pair of High Heels and I'll conquer the world...

L'Autre Chose
Ah...I'm so lucky I'm nowhere near a shoe store right now..because I'm so in the mood for trying on / buying stuff right now I'd end up spending a fortune.

I need some therapy shopping and I'm in the mood for shoes!! Outrageous shoes...

This is what I would try on...and maybe buy today.....
Christian....of course



Charlotte new love

Charlotte Olympia
Jeffrey Campbell


I'm discovering a new passion for Charlotte Olympia and Jeffrey Campbell....might thing of a purchase very soon...*_*


  1. Ooh gorgeous shoes!! Love em all!

  2. wooooo!! beautiful! *_* *_*

  3. I love shoes. If I had my way I would have a new pair for every day I had to go out in the world. I would have a house just for my shoes. It sounds silly, but they are so great waiting lined up - ready to take on the world. Ready to finish that outfit that gives you the boost you need to make that leap to the next level. Great blog. Looking forward to more.

  4. @bangsandblog...not silly at all, that is exactly what I think every day..
    Also my outfit starts by what shoes I want to wear and think of the rest :B

    thanks for the kind words, love your blog :) xoxo


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