Sunday, 14 August 2011

Film Noir mixed with David Bowie. Gucci incredible collection

Frida Giannini collection this season is simply amazing.......

I personally don't like fur...I think it's a disgrace to still see fur in collection when you can do amazing things with wool and other materials and just leave those poor little creatures alone..

Gucci collection hit me for how amazingly the colours are mixed together and how incredibly gorgeous those clothes are and again how beautiful and misterious those women look, it's a treat for the eyes...and it would have looke amazing even without fur!!! I'm completely sure of that....

I instantly thought of a French Film Noir from the 40s, Greta Garbo mixed with David Bowie mixed with Ingrid Bergman in a 70s location with Alfred Hitchcock filming...gorgeous!!!



  1. These are all gorgeous looks! Maybe we can settle for faux fur?! ;)

    Happy Sunday! :)

    sorelle in style

  2. I can settle for faux fur :D ...
    because OMG those colors are just amazing *winks*

    happy sunday to you gilrs to xx

  3. I have never been a great fan of Frida Giannini, but I love this collection that I think it's awesome, the first one since Tom Ford. Kisses

  4. I love Frida..I think she knows exactly how to make a woman stylish and sexy.
    What Tom Ford did was extraordinay :) and I was a bit disappointed that when he left he chose that Facchinetti girl to sobstitute him instead of Frida, she made an awful job and that's why I admire so much Frida, even thought she grew up in the accessories "corner" of Gucci she is doing an excellent job over the years.

    xxx :)


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