Friday, 12 August 2011

Zatchels, with love from England

School days are never over, celebrating our Peter Pan attitude with a handmade, with love, satchel of the colour that represents us the most...

The range of colours that Zatchels offers is so wide that makes it hard to decide which one suits you the best...they come in 4 different sizes, plus a small one, and you can pick the one that better suits your needs.

If you feel Classic..
Classic Brown

Classic Orange
If you feel Metallic...
Metallic Silver

Metallic Cobalt blue
If you feel Animalier...
Faux Fur

Reptile Print

Elephant Print
If you feel a bit Vintage...

Junkyard Brown

Junkyard Dusty Pink
If you feel like Prints...
Cracked Leather

Polka Dots

Cracked Leather
Tartan Black

Tartan Violet

Cobalt Union Jack

Red Union Jack

 If you feel Creamy and Dreamy...
Pastel Yellow

Pastel Baby Blue

If you feel Unique...
Limited Edition
If you just carry the bare essential...
Barrel Baby Pink
Barrel Baby Blue

You can personalize your own Zatchel by adding a handle, in this case you Zatchel bag will come with a detachable strap...

So choose your size, your colour, your shape and carry your world style

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